Tools that can amplify your content marketing effort

Content marketing has now become a mainstream trend in the corporate world. In this ever evolving industry, businesses need all the help that they can get when selling their content to the world. A variety of apps and online platforms have come up over the years to simplify the task that digital marketers face, and find solutions for them. Below are some innovative tools that help to refine a marketer’s campaign with respect to sponsored content.


This particular application allows firms to reach out to bloggers in a manner that best suits their needs and preferences. A marketer has the tools to create projects, and then allow bloggers to view them. Bloggers are then given the ability to further share and spread the news about the specific project. As a firm, this platform enables you to broadcasted your needs to a large crowd of prospective bloggers. The corporation can also set various specifications about the job, enabling a stronger precision to direct the job for the blogger.


This platform allows firms to connect with a larger crowd of potential viewers through the Google Plus channel. It enables markets to form circles within Google Plus and reach out to audiences through the social media base. You can search and discover leading voices from the Google Plus community relevant to your industry to boost your viewership. Along with this, the application allows you to compile your own list of users picked out from hangouts. The platform also enables you to set your own terms when searching for members, thereby bringing the most effective result needed


This is an application that allows you to integrate your email list with other platforms such as Open Site Explorer, BuzzSumo and many more. It comes with a task management function incorporated into it, and allows you to send emails from within the platform. It broadens your search for potential bloggers, enables you to manage the team involved with the guest content writing and to keep track of the progress. It comes with many innovative features, such as a function to send emails at a pre-meditated date in the future.

Follow Up Then

Markets often have the task of dealing with numerous contacts when attempting to publish guest content. Follow Up Then is an innovative online device that helps you manage your tasks and to get them done without delay. The platform comes with a straight forward email reminder system that builds better productivity with your email contacts. It allows markets to set reminders to ‘Follow Up’ with a particular task and to set the time constraint necessary. The application also provides a host of other vital options that include SMS reminders and many others.


This is a tool that amplifies your research ability when developing content. It enables writers to search for content of the most relevant type, along with bloggers or influencers. The platform comes with the ability to filter the search process with respect to the field of topic. The application is a vital tool for developing strong and well-based content for marketing. It also helps to widen exposure and audience reach by allowing users to search for and involve influential names in the field.


When writing guest content, getting influential bloggers in the field makes a strong impact. Blog posts delivered by leading authors are sure to make a more massive impact than those by less known authors. ClearVoice is a program that enables you to find influential authors or voices in a relevant field, and then connect to them. The program provides markets a clear insight into the number of articles and pieces that an author has written, along with information regarding how many people read and share the content. Companies looking to post guest content can use this tool for a far more efficient and channeled result. It allows corporations to narrow their search for bloggers in their field, and provides them a clear chart of the reception that bloggers have before selecting the one that suits them best.


All of these are small and useful applications that make a big difference in the world of sponsored content marketing. They help marketers to organize and to channel their efforts so as to make the best impact with minimal strain.

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