The Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach for Business

A Blogger outreach program is one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to a larger audience and grow your business by creating new opportunities. No matter how small or large a business, using blogger outreach has its merits. Here you will find out just why using blogger outreach is so important for a business.


Promoting a product or a brand online is an important part of any business, because even if you manage to create a unique product that answers the need of a gap in the market, if nobody knows about it, you probably won’t be able to make a sale.

What makes it even more difficult for a business is to choose from the many channels which can be used to promote their product or service, making the whole process a lot harder than it ought to be. Common sense would dictate that the best way to go about when looking to promote your business is by choosing the most direct route possible, because of the simple fact that you need to reach your target demographic, preferably through the people who you directly like and trust. And one of the most easiest ways of doing that is by using the method of blogger outreach.

So, what is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach mainly has to do with reaching out and working alongside bloggers who have an influence in a particular market niche. The whole idea of using blogger outreach is to develop a relationship where the blogger you use will interact with the business and share their thoughts and experiences on that product or service with their online following in return for some kind of compensation for their efforts. Research has shown that 81% of the online population trusts the information they receive from bloggers.

Tell a Story

It is really no secret that research is making an impact on the decision-making process of the new-age customer, and women in particular who are turning towards online stores in droves to find out more information on the products they like before buying them. So, whenever a blogger who they trust, and obviously enjoy reading, has something nice to say about said product, they are able to influence the market by their personal experience and honest opinion on the brand. The bottom line is, a blogger is a storyteller, so when they have something to say about you, they will tell a story in a way that a business owner never could.

Reach Out to Your Market

Reaching out to an audience is one of the most obvious reasons of working with a blogger. Bloggers and good bloggers have whole communities who follow their every post. These online communities do that because they find the blogger interesting. So, whenever a blogger writes about your product or service, they are actually introducing you to their online community, which is made up of thousands of individuals.

Get them Talking about You

A blogger outreach program doesn’t just offer “reach,” it helps get a conversation started, a conversation on your product or service. This all happens on the comments section of their blog post, on Facebook, and on any other social media outlet which is tied to their blog. So, when a blogger writes a review of your product or service, they actually get their readers interested, and those readers start to talk about you. According to a recent study, 38% of bloggers blog about brands which they love or hate, while 65% of bloggers follow brands on social media.

Promoting Your Company on Social Media

Nowadays, it’s all about social integration. This is where outlets such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter come in. These are also normally the places where bloggers live. Since most if not all blogs are shared on social media, this means that whenever you work with a blogger, you are shared with their social media following too, which is in turn, good for promoting your business.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

There is nothing better than a well-written blog which links back to your business website, leading to the readers of the blog clicking on the link and reaching your website. This is a great way of creating exposure in a way that will last more than one day.

Provide SEO Benefits

Some people might be wondering that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means that it influences how a website shows up on the SERPs. This is where the “follow” or “no follow” options come into play for the blogger. Whenever a blogger uses the “follow” link they provide your website with some good SEO juice which in turn, helps your business website on the SERPs. Having blogs posts and websites that are valuable in the eyes of Google linking back to your website is an asset no online business should be taking for granted.

And, this works both ways too. Good quality blogs which talk about your business and your product will also influence the way the blog is listed on Google search as well. This is why using blogger outreach is so important for businesses. A good blog post written on day can serve its purpose for years to come.

A blogger outreach program is used to introduce your products or service to the larger audience. The readers of the blog post become interested in your product or service, which speeds up the process of reaching out to a wider audience. So, these were just some of the reasons why both large and SMEs should be looking towards adopting blogger outreach to take their business to the next level. Arming yourself with the right blogger who has the right information on your product or service will be in a much better position to talk about your product or service and hence, motivate and inspire the reader to find out more about your company. There are countless bloggers out there who can give businesses the opportunity they need to reach out to a larger audience. The trick is to find the right one for the job who can help their online audience warm up to whatever it is you offer.

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